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The combined maximum diving depth of the Pacific white-sided dolphin and the king penguin is almost equal to the diving depth of the emperor penguin.
The losses, to be recorded as extraordinary losses in consolidated results, are almost equal to the book value of shares Mitsui and Mitsubishi have in Poweredcom, a telecommunications operator affiliated with Tokyo Electric Power Co.
The 18 testing problems reported last year in the United States were almost equal to the number discovered between 1976 and 1996, according to a Boston College study.
The European Union is now almost equal to the US in economic terms, but does not have the united foreign policy needed to direct any common military force, even if it wished to.
Despite remaining at the number two spot, China's share of world rubber consumption is now almost equal to that of the U.
WHILE MEXICAN CONTAINER TRAFFIC AWAY FROM THE COASTS IS COSTLY, CENtral American box rates for inland container movement" can be almost equal to the amount of ocean freight," says Steve Muschenheim, an agent at Parker and Company, a logistics provider based in Brownsville, Texas.
Deliveries of cars in '99 were almost equal to the 75,000 cars delivered in '98, which was the strongest showing in 19 years.
The new parliament is scheduled to hold its inaugural session next month and it is widely expected that Odai will be its speaker, a position viewed in Iraq as almost equal to that of prime minister, a post now held by Saddam himself.
With American Dream's Federally-insured programs, applicants can get financing almost equal to the value of their home," said Hochman.