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This may explain why hypernatraemia and an altered level of consciousness were more prevalent in HDKA than NHDKA admissions.
A mantra is used in Eastern meditation to empty the mind of all thoughts and feelings in order to reach a mental void of 'pure consciousness', an altered level of consciousness, with the purpose of finding God at the centre.
Respiratory difficulty, altered level of consciousness and muscle weakness are associated with major toxicity.
In both outbreaks, a fever was found in all patients, followed by an altered level of consciousness in 22 (88%) and headache in 18 (72%) (Table 2).
Unless presenting signs and symptoms are decisive (for example, altered level of consciousness, dyspnea, or hypotension), focused pattern recognition is critical because it allows the nurse to narrow the search for information and compare similarities and differences.
Acute exposure to elemental mercury vapor is characterized by euphoria, irritability, anxiety, and emotional lability, whereas chronic exposure results in mental confusion, altered level of consciousness, and permanent tremor (LaDou 1997; Letz et al.