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Explaining Altruistic Behavior in Humans, 24 EVOLUTION & Hum.
Indeed, the fact that genuine altruistic behavior is often difficult to ascertain in practice has significant implications for its ethical relevance to clinical research.
Their outwardly altruistic behavior is seen as manipulative, naive, or merely the result of the right behavioral training.
The relationship between age and altruistic behaviors actually appears to be curvilinear--there is an increase from birth to about 6 years of age, and then a decrease in altruistic behavior around age 7, followed by a subsequent sustained increase throughout late childhood and adolescence (Grunberg, Maycock, & Anthony, 1985).
Her questions probe deeply into what values and attitudes actually served to influence altruistic behavior in religious and nonreligious persons.
21) Research on altruistic behavior also makes clear that the costs and rewards of service play a critical role.
It may be that participation in school-sponsored extracurricular activities also shapes pro-social and altruistic behaviors that are frequently attributed to religious participation.
The ineffectiveness of perspective taking on altruistic behavior that is documented in the literature is combated through the motivator of vocational development.
In addition, a lower level of altruistic behavior at Time 1 was longitudinally related to a higher level of father-adolescent conflict at Time 2.
So it's not clear who's going to know about altruistic behavior or how they're going to get rewarded for it.
We find that the level of altruistic behavior in children is similar to that of adults but that repetition has a different effect.
In addition to supporting Christian rescuers, the JFR conducts an education program that uses the stories of the rescuers to educate teachers and their students about the Holocaust, its relevance for these times, and the significance of altruistic behavior for our society.