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Avoiding injury to the inferior alveolar nerve by routine use of intraoperative radiographs during implant placement.
The standard technique for achieving mandibular anesthesia for routine dental procedures is by the use of the Inferior Alveolar Nerve Block (IANB).
Four variables, including recurrence, pathological fracture, secondary infection and inferior alveolar nerve injury, were used to assess the clinical efficacy of the combination treatment of 3D reconstruction and endoscopy for the enucleation of mandibular KCOT.
We could not find any previous reports regarding the anesthesia of the inferior alveolar nerve due to infection of the infratemporal space.
Sensory nerve injury particularly of the inferior alveolar nerve and mental nerve is a common complication associated with mandibular fractures.
Subjects were randomly allocated into two groups One group received 4% articaine buccal infiltration and the other group received inferior alveolar nerve block of 4% articaine.
Coronectomy or partial odontectomy reduces the likelihood of nerve injury by insuring retention of the vital roots when they are close or associated with the inferior alveolar nerve as evaluated by plain radiography or CBCT.
All patients (18-45 years old) that required inferior alveolar nerve block for wisdom tooth removal were included in the study.
It innervates the muscles of the lower lip and chin, and it eventually communicates with the mental branch of the inferior alveolar nerve.
Because of the proximity of the inferior alveolar nerve to the mandibular canal, there are procedures that offer great risk of nerve injury, such as lower third molar extractions, placement of dental implants, orthognathic surgery, and fixation of mandibular fractures.
1] The mental foramen marks the termination of the mandibular canal in the mandible, through which the inferior alveolar nerve and vessels pass.
This resulted in an absence of teeth from the canines back and removal of bone down to the inferior alveolar nerve.