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DOT. This French word is adopted in Louisiana. It signifies the fortune, portion, or dowry, which a woman brings to her husband by the marriage. 6 N. S. 460. See Dote; Dowry.

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14 ( ANI ): HackerEarth, an innovation and talent management company announced the launch of its first virtual artificial intelligence (AI) hackathon for Alexa, aimed at building more engaging skills for the cloud- based voice service and brain behind Alexa-enabled devices, including Amazon Echo.
Nakul Dogra, a senior research analyst at International Data Corporation, told Gulf News that the majority of smart speakers currently coming into the UAE are grey shipments from other regions, whether that be Amazon Echo devices powered by Alexa or Google Home speakers powered by Goggle Assistant.
If you own an Amazon Echo, here's how to set up the ECHO headlines on your voice-activated device.
Residential customers who sign on to the AGL Savers - Home Connect Plan will receive an Amazon Echo, a voice-controlled speaker which uses the Alexa intelligent voice control service to help them access their account information and manage their energy.
Various smart speakers are available on the market, including Amazon Echo and Google Home, and are operated by talking to a virtual assistant which will perform a number of tasks including setting alarms or searching the internet.
com/story/tech/columnist/baig/2018/02/06/apple-homepod-more-play-apple-music-listeners-than-rival-amazon-echo/303776002/) USA Today is also not that pleased with HomePod because it views it as more of a play for Apple Music listeners than a competent rival to Amazon Echo.
That leaves the Amazon Echo Show as the default winner.
I do not intend to get another Amazon Echo, regardless of model, as the use-cases obviously don't justify getting one.
There's a new member of the Amazon Echo family and this one is small, round and comes with a screen which will play video clips of everything from song lyrics to news bulletins.
It was Amazon, which launched its first smartspeaker, Amazon Echo, in 2014.
Steep discounts during the holidays on the most affordable models of Google's Home smart speakers and the Amazon Echo likely meant both companies were taking losses to get them into millions of homes, analysts told Reuters.