Amende honorable

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AMENDE HONORABLE, English law. A penalty imposed upon a person by way of disgrace or infamy, as a punishment for any offence, or for the purpose of making reparation for any injury done to another, as the walking into church in a white sheet, with a rope about the neck, and a torch in the hand, and begging the pardon of God, or the king, or any private individual, for some delinquency.
     2. A punishment somewhat similar to this, and which bore the same name, was common in France; it was abolished by the law of the 25th of September, 1791. Merlin Rep. de Jur. h.'t.
     3. For the form of a sentence of amende horrorable, see D'Agaesseau, Oeuvres, 43 Plaidoyer, tom. 4, p. 246.

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Ainsi, il pose des problematiques et des hypotheses, il decouvre de nouvelles pistes de recherche, il revient sur ses travaux anterieurs et parfois il fait amende honorable sur les erreurs d'interpretations qu'il aurait commises par le passe, il confronte les differentes versions des sources, il consulte et il donne une voix aux specialistes de la question et aux archivistes pour renforcer ses observations et ses conclusions.
When this was not forthcoming, he eventually did make an amende honorable, but this did not last.
Face au tolet que cela a provoque au royaume cherifien, Dubosc s'est retracte et a fait amende honorable sur son compte Twitter.