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In 2003, as a Xavier University student, Shannon Hughes made her first 10-hour bus trip to the annual School of the Americas Watch protest outside the gates of Fort Benning.
Among the 165-plus endorsing organizations that have signed on to join Campaign Nonviolence are Pax Christi USA, War Resisters League, Veterans for Peace, School of the Americas Watch, Code Pink, Fellowship of Reconciliation, Meta Peace Team, Baptist Peace Fellowship, Episcopal Peace Fellowship, Lutheran Peace Fellowship, Muslim Peace Fellowship, Franciscan Action Network, National Religious Campaign Against Torture, Hip Hop Caucus and Nonviolence International.
Critics, including members of the School of the Americas Watch, a group founded in 1990 by the Rev.
Tom Rawson, a folksinger and storyteller, will perform at a benefit for Eugene Area School of the Americas Watch.
The 1987 Nobel Peace Prize winner made the decision after talks with a delegation from School of the Americas Watch (SOA Watch), led by the Rev.
Hendrik Voss responds: In 2003, a School of Americas Watch activist received from Lee A.
Argentine and Uruguayan defense ministers decided in March to stop sending soldiers to train at the SOA/WHINSEC, a military academy based at Fort Benning, Georgia, according to a statement by Washington-based School of the Americas Watch (SOA Watch).
Christy Pardew is the Communications Coordinator at School of the Americas Watch (www.
Internal documents reveal the military spent nearly $250,000 to track media coverage of the school, to create letters to the editor to counter negative views, and to track the comings and goings of Father Roy Bourgeois, who started the School of the Americas Watch fifteen years ago.
Ellen Barfield (Baltimore) was given a gala tribute in San Francisco by the War Resisters League for her work with the League, the School of the Americas Watch, Veterans for Peace, and WILPF.
According to Neier, it was the election of Ronald Reagan as President of the United States that precipitated his return from the academic life, where he had moved after leaving the ACLU, to assume the overall direction of an established human rights organization, Helsinki Watch, and a planned new one called Americas Watch.
national coordinator of the School of the Americas Watch.

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