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In the bladder, at the site of the left ureteral orifice, an amorphic calcification was seen measuring 2 cm in diameter (Fig.
In the months since then, they have settled in nicely, sharing parenting tips with Luise Kaunert and Chico MacMurtrie, whose Amorphic Robot Works studio is in a church down the block and whose daughter is 4 months old.
In rendering his assailants as one amorphic yet phallic mass, Leitch carefully avoids any hint of homoerotic identification and, instead, allows the attack to be read in terms of wider patriarchal structures.
2010); macadamia nut shell (Macadamia integrifolia) biochar reduced lettuce and maize yield on a fertile Andisol (Waimea series, a medial, amorphic, isothermic Humic Haplustand) (Deenik et al.
Theory of low-temperature anomalies in thermal properties of amorphic structures.
However, they merely wrote amorphic recommendations," Abdraimov said.
A curriculum for training patients with peripheral visual field loss to use bioptic amorphic lenses.
Fluidity and dynamism motifs permeate throughout the inner space paying tribute to its diagonal skeletal form and amorphic, organic skin.
After seemingly eliminating his own handiwork in the layering of the paint he then hand embroiders a camouflaged amorphic form over it.
This amorphic understanding of the Self and the Other is also paralleled in the relationship between Jacqueline and Laurent where Jacqueline tiptoes around the margins of her own sanity and authority over the Other/her son.
They become less like useful objects, less "tool-like," and more like vague and elaborate things, amorphic yet powerful in the inscrutability of their construction or purpose.