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Although angle measure did not appear until later in the instructional sequence, foundational skills related to angle measure were developed from the beginning of the sequence, such as angle categorizations and discussions focused on what was being measured.
The objective of this study was to assess angle measure reproducibility between manual tracing and that obtained with Cephapoint on a digital image.
The angle measure between each pair of chords is listed below the pair.
Comparison--the method of comparing of the angle measures of tested instrument with the ones provided by the reference means of angle measurement [5-6].
Thompson, Carlson, & Silverman (2007) used probing questions to help teachers realise the necessity of measuring an angle by its subtending arc length, had them use a string having the same length as the radius to measure angles and estimate sine and cosine, and used another set of questions to help them see that this angle measure leads to a coherent system of meanings in trigonometry.
For example, this investigation can be worthwhile for young learners if, instead of discussing angle measures, they are introduced to the idea that the tilt or slant of the ruler will affect the distance traveled.
Results from the current study indicate that the validity of the lumbar region angle measure and force measure is excellent when compared with criterion standard measures.
Several days into the Shape Makers unit on quadrilaterals, students were using the measured shape makers, which display both angle measure and side length and instantaneously update these measurements when the shape makers are manipulated.
An interesting activity for children who know about angle measure is to figure out the measure of the angles in each of the seven pieces without using a protractor.
The final conversation, about angle measure, shows the students' discussing mathematical ideas without the teacher's orchestrating the conversation.
The program would interest those who teach with Logo as an introduction to the language, those who wish to "do a little Logo," or those who wish to teach ideas of rotation and angle measure, spatial sense, two-dimensional figures, geometric motions, and more - even if no Logo instruction was planned.
The software also includes dynamic measuring tools for length, angle measure, and area.