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The key role of animal behavior in conservation biology receives broad attention, including chapters on topics such as the effects of noise pollution, captive breeding, and how the behavioral effects of parasites interacts with conservation issues.
Developed by research scientists and animal curators who have trained a variety of audiences in various aspects of the scientific and behavioral research process, this DVD takes viewers through all of the steps necessary to conduct research projects in animal behavior, illustrating concepts with graphics and footage of animals at the Wildlife Conservation Society and at field sites around the world.
Provide content and editorial advice and oversight for the American Humane Animal Behavior Resources Institute Online.
Pet services are always going to be in high demand, regardless of the economy," said Steven Appelbaum, president of Animal Behavior College.
Domestic animal behavior for veterinarians and animal scientists, 5th ed.
Animal Behavior College (ABC), a Los Angeles-based vocational school for professional dog training instructors, has launched a national campaign to save the lives of shelter dogs.
Mock summons a theory of animal behavior known as kin selection to make sense of such observations as an animal favoring itself over its family and, conversely, how families bond and work cooperatively for the good of the group.
Evans (Egyptology, University of Macquarie University, AU) combines art and biology for this enlightening study of the representations of animal behavior in the Memphis tomb scenes in Egypt.
Today, Pets Best Insurance and the Animal Behavior Network, along with their "Positive Pet Parenting Saves Lives(TM)" program, announce a free national education campaign to accelerate efforts to reduce behavior as a leading cause of pet euthanasia.
Infrared videos show that ground squirrels' tails, which are generally cooler than the bodies, heat up during a bout of rattlesnake baiting, Rundus repotted in Oaxaca, Mexico, last week at the annual meeting of the Animal Behavior Society.
Several hundred more are professionals who work for government agencies, as Simpson does, and researchers who conduct studies on animal behavior and wildlife preservation.
Kevin Schlanger, DVM from the University of Davis, owns and operates the Brent-Air Animal Hospital, where he specializes in surgery, ultrasonography, pediatric medicine, dermatology and animal behavior.
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