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Author Mark Simmons, a veteran animal behaviorist and killer-whale expert who worked side by side with Keiko in Iceland, chronicles the evolution and shocking collapse of Keiko's rehabilitation as he travels across the North Atlantic to Halsa, Norway in search of what he needs to survive.
Barbara Meyers is a Certified Grief Therapist, Human-Animal Bond Consultant, Animal Behaviorist, Certified Bach Flower Consultant and Animal Advocate in private practice on Staten Island, New York.
Montagna to report to the animal control officer within 24 hours of the initial dog hearing in November that Sunny was in a safe, secure area and that he had made an appointment with a certified animal behaviorist to evaluate Sunny's temperament and "trainability.
Montagna had made an appointment with a certified animal behaviorist to evaluate Sunny's temperament and "trainability.
Animal behaviorist Timothy Roper says that the renowned naturalist propagated die-hard misunderstandings of birds' sense of smell.
Los Angeles Zoo administrator Manuel Mollinedo, in the background, watches Mayor Richard Riordan greet animal behaviorist Jane Goodall with a chimpanzee gesture Monday.
Even the City's own animal behaviorist stated in her report that Lucy is a very friendly, well-socialized dog.
Certified Animal Behaviorist, will discuss cat behavior and communication as a window into cat health
Dennehy III voted at that hearing to euthanize the dog against the recommendations of animal behaviorist Philip W.
When Austrian animal behaviorist Konrad Lorenz turned to reef colors during the middle of the past century, he proposed that the fish colors act as bold color-coding that lets the abundant fish species sharing a reef keep track of who's who.
Actor Zachary Ty Bryan and his boxer Ozzie press their prints in concrete with help from animal behaviorist Char Rebiak at Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

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