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ANNATES, ecc. law. First fruits paid out of spiritual benefices to the pope, being, the value of one year's profit.

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In appendice sono stati raccolti i testi e i disegni piu significativi, raggruppandoli per annate (1917-1920) sulla base delle date apposte o della loro posizione nell'album.
The council, on the other hand, showed increasing signs of division during debates over accepting new papal presidents in 1434 and abolishing annates in 1435.
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In positive terms, nevertheless, it was absorbed into an aspect of the Annates school of historiography, of which the chief exponent was Fernand Braudel; latterly, Cohen-Solal has distinguished herself as a biographer working along similar lines.
Bernard writes that all the bishops opposed the annates bill in the beginning.
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360/971) a 1'origine de la reflexion sur l'authenticite du hadit," Annates hlamologiques 39 (2005): 134.
It occurs to this reviewer that Ivani's annals offered a near precedent for Lorenzo's project to assign a chancery secretary to write the annates of Florentine events, an initiative approved by the Signoria in 1483.
that not a cent of the annates, or of the indulgence money, or of all
It was estimated in the early years of the sixteenth century that the revenue of 'two English counties' went out of the country as First-Fruits, Annates and Peter's Pence, plus the Roman custom of paying Curial clerics by appointing them to English livings which they never visited; that would be about 4 per cent of the Gross Domestic Product - incidentally, much the same as we pay to the European Community today, giving rise to much the same resentment.
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