Annual pension

ANNUAL PENSION, Scotch law. Annual rent. A yearly profit due to a creditor by way of interest for a given sum of money. Right of annual rent, the original right of burdening land with payment yearly for the payment of money.

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You were clearing an annual pension of four millions; you never observed me; and you find out there is such a person in the world, just at the moment you - "
The meaner families who have children at these nurseries, are obliged, besides their annual pension, which is as low as possible, to return to the steward of the nursery a small monthly share of their gettings, to be a portion for the child; and therefore all parents are limited in their expenses by the law.
The levy hike the villages first in about six years will allow East Dundee to fund a higher annual pension contribution, start earning interest on those investments and potentially avoid a pension shortfall in the future, Village Administrator Jennifer Johnsen said.
I'M surprised that, bearing in mind your over indulgence of Mr Martinek's pro-Brexit blathering, you had the temerity to actually print a small piece pointing out arch Brexiteer Nigel Farage's blatant hypocrisy in taking an MEP's PS73k annual pension from the EU he's supposed to despise.
NOIRIN O'Sullivan will pocket an annual pension payout of up to [euro]100,000 after she quit as Garda Commissioner yesterday.
On top of a PS900,000 a year salary, the 55-year-old will also get a PS135,000 annual pension perk and up to PS3million a year in bonuses.
The annual pension increase comes effective at the beginning of July of every year, which marks the start of the fiscal year, at a rate of 10 percent, paid to 9 million beneficiaries.
He appealed concerned officials to address their problems on priority basis and increase their annual pension on the pattern of Govt employees.
The labour law stipulates that the annual pension increase should be set at 10%, and the decision made by the parliament and the ministries sets the minimum annual increase at EGP 125.
Contract notice: Service regarding the mailing of annual pension statement.
Stephenson said he was surprised to learn after getting elected in 2012 that lawmakers' pensions are tied to the $140,000-a-year salary of a state district judge, allowing legislators or statewide elected officials to retire at age 50 with a $38,640 annual pension, plus health care.
Officers receive two thirds of their salary as annual pension upon retirement - but based on the best or highest salary year of their final three years.
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