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On the morning before the final vote on the collective bargaining bill, protestors had gotten into the Assembly ante-chamber.
The Street Lobby designed by SOM New York, is intended to be an ante-chamber, on first entering the hotel, a reprieve from hot bustling Hyderabad outside.
This means that non-violent extremism is OK, although it may serve as ante-chamber for terror.
FOR MUCH OF HER LONG CAREER, Edna O'Brien has been required by her academic critics to wait in the canonical ante-chamber.
In Canadian history, it is a lonely and tiny ante-chamber.
Then, out of the blue, I was handed a copy of the men's magazine Razzle and an egg cup-sized plastic container and ushered towards an ante-chamber.
For what seemed like hours, the interviewer waited at one end of the huge oaken table that itself occupies just a small part of the vast ante-chamber to the schloss's gigantic dining room, casting nervous glances all the while at the tethered pair of outsized Doberman Pinschers, who snarled and slavered at his slightest move.
For the fourth successive season, Blues have emerged out of the gruelling 46-round regular league programme into the Premiership ante-chamber that is the play-offs.