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Hastamizda da benzer sekilde sarki soyleme sirasinda cekilen fMRG'de bilateral anterior temporal, sagda derin temporal ve mezensefalik aktivasyon gorulmustur.
MRI scanning showed extensive diffuse white matter lesions, with involvement of the anterior temporal poles and marked involvement of the external capsule, and a large lacuna in the pons surrounded by hyperintensities.
ERPs recorded over right anterior temporal sites differentiated between the /du/ versus /gu/speech syllables with the former eliciting larger ERP amplitudes, t (7) = 3.
Anterior temporal combinations varied from 3-3 to 4-5 with the most frequent counts 3-4 and 4-4, respectively, in six and nine specimens; the mean number of these scales on one side of head is 3.
Herpes ensefaliti sonucu medial ve anterior temporal loblari zarar goren veya sadece anterior temporal lobu zarar goren hastalarda da Kluver-Bucy sendromu gozlendigi bildirilmistir (11).
Outpatient MRI/MRA showed acute 3 x 5 cm infarction of left posterior frontal lobe, anterior temporal, and insula.
4,8,12] Near the sylvian fissure, the middle cerebral artery separates into three cortical branches: the anterior temporal artery, superior trunk and inferior trunk.
In scores of patients who have had the surgery-known as anterior temporal lobectomy-during the last 40 years, the answer has appeared to be yes.
For the first time, we chart the regions of the brain that interact to link detailed knowledge about socially appropriate behaviour - the anterior temporal lobe - with feelings of guilt - the subgenual region of the brain - in people who are prone to depression," he stated.

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