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I suspect there are a lot of consumers who assume that by using an anti-bacterial soap product they are protecting themselves from illness, protecting their families,'' said Sandra Kweder, deputy director in the FDA's drug center.
However, it is the introduction of the anti-bacterial paint solution that has glued the link between better healthcare and the paints industry.
Alongside the use of anti-bacterial paint, the trust has implemented rigorous infection control procedures such as the routine use of a chlorinebased products on surfaces at ward level, restricting visiting access and reducing the movement of doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals.
It will see Dortrend International coat one of its Event ranges of toilets with its anti-bacterial coating TouchClean, which fights MRSA, SARS c difficile, ecoli and Swine Flu, in a bid to test its product in a new sector.
Chang Fang-lin, Lin Horn's chairman, claimed that such anti-bacterial material integrates bamboo charcoal's deodorizing and dustfiltration as well as enhanced antiseptic function, making it an ideal new solution for the biomedical industry.
Sales of anti-bacterial soaps are also up by 54%, liquid soap by 20%, and cough, cold and flu remedies by 70%.
Prize: each 1x My First Bed with sleepover option (winners choice of headboard) rrp pounds 299 plus single anti-bacterial duvet and 1xpillow.
Merck and India's Ranbaxy to Develop New Anti-Bacterial and AntiFungal Drugs.
The new Perma Plus from Shelfspan is hygienic shelving with an anti-bacterial coating, which offers new standards in hygiene in storage and materials handling.
Unilever UK is adding an anti-bacterial spray to its Cif cleaning range and introducing bigger pack sizes to help drive value in the cleaning category.
Heartlands Hospital, in Bordesley Green, kitted out a ward with silver-based products in May last year in the first test of its kind to see if the metal's natural anti-bacterial qualities had any effect.