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For each population, relationships between morphometric variables (shell length, shell breadth, shell aperature width, body weight, shell weight) of males and females were established through regression analysis, by fitting a linear function (Y = a + bX) in relationships between linear variables and a power function (Y = a [X.
Slides were mounted with Naphrax and analysed for microfossils using a Zeiss Axiolab microscope (oil immersion, phase contrast, x 1000 magnification, numerical aperature .
The default system variables are osmode, osnap, aperature and lupre.
Louis-based center will also provide a showcase of Emerson's ASCO, Aperature, Liebert and Knurr branded power products, for current and potential customers to tour.
Then a small hole is drilled, which acts as a fixed aperature lens.
On the back side of the equipment rack, a conveyor belt driven by a stepper motor was used to deliver marbles to a feeder tube connected to the reinforcement aperature (clown's mouth).
For example, if we were to consider the attributes of a cereal package we might list such items as (1) height, (2) width, (3) depth, (4) thickness (5) overall size (6) weight, (7) shape, (8) color, (9) material, (10) aperature, and (11) biodegradability.