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APOSTACY, Eng. law. A total renunciation of the Christian religion, and differs from heresy. (q.v.) This offence is punished by the statute of 9 and 10 W. III. c. 32. Vide Christianity.

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Takfiri is a term that refers to Muslims who accuse other Muslims of apostacy.
The Taliban were right to try to punish her because death is the ultimate punishment for apostacy, for regressing from Islam, and that applies to males or females.
In this obliquely self-reflexive comedy then, reforming Bookwit's lies/wit also connotes Steele's own broader cultural agenda as a writer: ensuring "Wit will recover from its Apostacy and by being encourag'd in the Interest of Virtue, 'twill strip Vice of the gay Habit in which it has too long appear'd, and cloath it in its native Dress of Shame, Contempt, and Dishonour" (preface, 116).
It would appear as if that solemn dedication might be some barrier to future apostacy [sic], for the prayers were [uttered] with great solemnity and fervour .
The Nauvoo High Council Minute Book (Hanna, Utah: Collier's, 2005), 47; Journal History (LDS Church History Library, Salt Lake City), entry for 10 February 1843; "Effects of Apostacy," Times and Seasons 4:6 (1 February 1843): 89.
Mackintosh's other presented writings include "A Letter to the Right Honourable William Pitt on His Apostacy from the Cause of Parliamentary Reform", "A Discourse on the Law of Nature and nations", and "On the State of France in 1815".