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Country: United States of America
State: South Carolina

If I am sending a letter to the South Carolina Supreme Court in regards to an appeal. Do I have to send a copy of that letter to the prosecutors that prosecuted the case. The case that will be before the S C, I believe there was misconduct on their part, so I do not want to let them read what I wrote unless it is absolutely necessary.


Technically yes but if you are not a lawyer nobody is likely to complain.
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The site encourages drivers fill in their details and then creates a customised appeal letter to the relevant council.
It is also concerned that, as it launched its own vaccine appeal, the RSST also sent out a similar appeal letter, which could confuse potential donors.
The receipt of an appeal letter, brochure, newsletter, press release, or through conversations with relatives, neighbors, or co-workers; contributors were prompted to do something.
The Minister informed an appeal letter had been signed and sent to 16 organizations certain associations and national enterprises.
Linda von Quintus, AAA Texas' vice president for government and community affairs, referred questions on the negotiations and a possible conflict of interest to Khouri's appeal letter.
By contrast, direct mail now is six times more likely to drive an online donation than an e-communication -17% indicate that it was an appeal letter mailed to them that motivated their online donation in the latest survey.
In an appeal letter, David wrote: "I disagree with your decision that I am fit for work.
Love's believes that when the code lists a use category that adequately and fully describes the proposal, there is no valid reason to also review that use under the code standards that apply to similar but different uses," Nick Klingensmith, an attorney representing the company, wrote in a June 12 appeal letter.
We looked for a bone marrow donor all over the world and finally our search ended when we found a donor with the National Marrow Donor Programme in the US," Pereira said in his appeal letter.
In the middle of a politically charged season in the US, a sensationalist appeal letter from a small underclass in Kuwait has mustered some attention amid all the cacophony from the big gunning causes vying to influence the vote.