appellate review

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improve the communicative role of appellate review and to reinforce its
9, at 1443 50 (detailing efforts to reform appellate review in the 1960s and 1970s and reasons for ultimate failure of such reform efforts).
18) This approach was adopted with one caveat: "Since the principal reason for findings of fact in these cases is to allow for meaningful appellate review in this very important area of the law, if the court determines on its own that its review is hampered, we may, at our discretion, send the case back [to the trial court] for findings.
Supreme Court appellate review would necessarily take weeks or months.
One way to make such an acknowledgement is through an appropriate standard of appellate review.
The Fund appealed and the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts granted the application for direct appellate review.
In some cases there are pathways --few and narrow though they be--to appellate review of pretrial discovery orders.
They offer immigration law attorneys, personal injury lawyers and corporate attorneys, in addition to attorneys for civil litigation, accidents, real estate and investor relations, foreclosure, family law, criminal law, appellate review, and wills & estates.
while current law authorizes a "writ of mandate" seeking appellate review, there is no guarantee that the appellate court will agree to hear an appeal.
The first issue of the new journal includes articles, commentary and notes on topics such as: the effects of representation by attorneys in cases before the Veteran's Administration; The VA's duty to assist in the context of PTSD stressor verification and the Veterans Claim Assistance Act of 2000; federal jurisprudence regarding the VA's duty to provide a medical examination; appellate review by the U.
Whether an employee's misconduct rises to the level of willful misconduct is a matter of law subject to appellate review.
Clearly, the government was unwilling to expose its reasoning to review by the Court of Appeals even though it had an absolute right to obtain this appellate review," said CUNA General Counsel and Executive Vice President Eric Richard.