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A team of researchers from the University of Pennsylvania has engineered a raptor-like appendage for a drone, enabling it to grasp objects at high speeds by swooping in like a bird of prey.
The new study, led by the University of Bristol and published today in Nature, describes how the strange species, called Tamisiocaris, used these huge, specialized appendages to filter plankton, similar to the way modern blue whales feed today.
The North Greenland fossil, called Tamisiocaris, was a member of a group of early marine animals which swam using a set of flaps down either side of the body and probably captured large prey with specialised grasping appendages in the front of the mouth.
The name megacheirans came from their long scissor-like appendages attached to their heads.
Results: Neutrophils bear the same amount of appendages in both genders (p=0.
antennatus) and the valves (supplementary appendages are developed at the very base in the new species, whereas they are situated above the base in M.
19%) had sacral appendages that ranged in size from 2.
Damaged animals appear to reallocate energy stores towards regenerating damaged appendages and away from growth and reproduction (Norman and Jones, 1992; Juanes and Smith, 1995; Mariappan and Balasundaram, 2001).
Animal Touch (083-6848063) and its bilingual Animal Touch/El Tacto En Los Animales (0836848187) covers animal appendages and touch; Animal Sights (0836848039) and companion Animal Sight/La Vista En Los Animales (0836848152) tells of how animals see differently, Animal Smell (0836848047) and Animal Smell/El Oleato En Los Animales (0836848160) tells of how different animals use their sense of smell; Animal Taste (0836848055) and Animal Taste/El Gusto En Los Animales (0836848179) tells of taste buds and how different animals desire different foods, and Animal Hearing (083684802) and Animal Hearing/el Oido En Los Animales (083684-144) tells of how animals use hearing to survive.
Equally choleric is Bindweed and Red, a densely populated expanse of appendages in gnawing chartreuse that perceptibly warps ambient light with its volatile fluorescence.
Tony Alva--of course--resisted getting a wristband since apparently he is so identifiable an entity that using one of the lowly appendages would be pointless.
Angel Wing' varieties are noted for their giant, sometimes serrated, leaves that appear in pairs along the stem, suggesting the dorsal appendages of celestial seraphs.