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The development and manufacturing of biologics, whether innovative new products or generic versions of existing drugs (biosimilars), continues to be an attractive area of growth as our customers continue pushing the boundaries of science and advancing their ability to treat and cure disease," said Apter.
Spokeswoman Emma Apter said: "It's really worrying that retailers and manufacturers are selling products that can reach 235degC without explaining the dangers of not storing them properly.
Our success will continue to be based upon our capabilities and the ability to customize our offer to meet the demands of the local market," said Jason Apter, Vice President and Managing Director, Asia Pacific.
And it's not just the inconvenience of the visit, but it's the presumptuousness of it, agrees Terry Apter, author of "What Do You Want From Me?
In this self-help book for general readers, Apter, a psychologist affiliated with Cambridge University, describes common emotional behavior patterns of five types of difficult mothers: angry, controlling, narcissistic, envious, and emotionally unavailable.
From his great-grandfather, the Apter Rav, he learned that God was not an "object of human contemplation" (20) but an anthropopathic being who is constantly in search of us, needing us as much as we need God.
Speaking to CVB news service, Harry Apter, Director of Apter-Fredericks and one of the founders of Masterpiece2011 said, "All the best dealers in their chosen fields are here.
John Apter, head of the county's Police Federation - representing rank and file bobbies - said: "Since the budget was announced and the potential 25% cut in public funding, we have feared that the cuts will be dramatic.
Chairman John Apter said: "We accept that there are difficult times ahead, but a reduction in police officer numbers will impact on the service those I represent deliver.
Terri Apter, psychologist and author of You Don't Really Know Me
Ellie Worrall, from Apter HR in Wynyard, who is an assistant director for BNI and herself a mother of two, will host the Hartlepool session.