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ARE. A French measure of surface. This is a square, the sides of which are of the length of ten metres. The are is equal to 1076.441 square feet. Vide Measure.

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Judge Pooler, however, dissenting in Arar, criticizes the majority's treatment of the "color of law" requirement in the TVPA and provides an important counterpoint about why Arar should have been allowed to raise a claim under the TVPA.
18) Following the Supreme Court's refusal to hear his case, Arar grudgingly stated, "[t]oday's decision eliminates my last bit of hope in the judicial system of the United States.
Arar was arrested by US authorities while transiting through New York's JFK International Airport in 2002, on his way home to Canada from a family vacation in Tunis.
In Syria, Arar was allegedly held in an underground cell six feet long and three feet wide for approximately twelve months.
NEW YORK: Maher Arar, whose "rendition" to Syria is widely viewed as an egregious example of mistaken identity, has again been denied the right to appear in court, and Congressional efforts to rein in the George W.
Arar was a victim of extraordinary rendition, America's notorious program of outsourcing interrogations to governments known to use torture.
En 2002, Maher Arar, un citoyen ayant la double nationalite canadienne et syrienne, fut detenu et accuse par les autorites etats-uniennes de faire partie d'al Qa'ida.
Canadian human rights lawyer and activist Webb begins with the cautionary tale of Maher Arar, a Canadian snatched by US authorities and whisked off to the Middle East to be tortured for a year before being released without charge, or even apology.
WHEN I SAW THE SMILING FACE OF MAHER Arar on the cover of the Western Standard ("The $10 Million Man," Feb.
After being interrogated for several hours, Arar was detained on suspicion of being an al-Qaeda terrorist.
What bothers me about the Maher Arar case is not so much the incompetence, inaccuracy and violations of policy by the RCMP.