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These new data center archetypes reflect some themes consistently emerging from those conversations.
We're honored that Apple has chosen to feature Archetypes.
The Archetypes iDolls celebrate the unique personality traits we all have and it is our hope that they become synonymous with how people first remember learning about Archetypes-bringing the language of Archetypes to life through narrative, music, and fun.
s flagship entity, ArchetypeMe, is an innovative website that redefines 'personal' search and personal brand, recommendations, and curation through the lens of archetypes.
He warns, using the foregoing archetypes, of the dangers of repeating the miasmic attitudes so that the bliss of Arcadia can be experienced.
If nothing else, her charts of the parallel elements of the hero and heroine quests on page 5 and of the woman's life journey and the cycle of female archetypes mapped onto phases of the moon on pages 176-7 provide an excellent compact framework for the visually-minded for the study of the feminine in myth.
Bodkin's main thesis, taken from Jung, is that certain poems possess a special emotional significance due to the excitation of unconscious forces known as archetypes, which have been described as recurring, primordial, inherited images that determine an individual's present experience.
For my franchise, I've simply tapped into Islamic archetypes, although like all other comics, these superheroes and the stories told in The 99 are completely secular," he explained.
For centuries, philosophers and, more recently, social scientists have used archetypes to characterize human behavior.
Politicians exploit a perceived desire to find an archetype of the most-common American.
The hero archetype has survived remarkably intact, but there have been some changes and transitions in the basic idea of heroism and society's view of the hero.
For the present purposes, we use the term archetype systems when referring to systems based on both the RM and archetype concepts and the word archetypes to mean clinical archetypes.