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ARCHIVIST. One to whose care the archives have been confided.

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Readers should note that much of this book is written for archivists working in a collecting institution, like a college or university archives or a historical society, and is much less directed at institutional or government archives.
Chapter 3 introduces archival appraisal, considered by many archivists to be the most intellectually demanding archival function, and one that distinguishes archival work from other related disciplines.
The archivists, James Fox and Kira Homo, could not be reached for comment.
The collaborative gathering also illuminated common interests and goals that Baptist librarians, archivists, and historians share.
Wilson began his career as an archivist at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario in 1970.
considering that Archivists must check data from multiple applications to process a record, the use of dual monitors can reduce the loss of time associated with switching between windows
Archivists say that the leather matches the gallery director's sketch of a glove which was contained inside the coffin.
She has taught archivists to publish books and writers to manage their archives.
But its true significance only came to light following a detailed study by archivists at the university's Borth-wick Institute.
By "Celebrating the American Record" in October, you can join in a nationwide effort to promote the value of archives and the important work of archivists.
The event was launched in 2002 by film archivists who were determined to preserve homemade movies for their historical value and for posterity.
Third, and perhaps most disturbing, is that there will be a generation of pioneering African American information specialists nearing retirement without a generation of trained librarians and archivists to replace them.

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