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ARE. A French measure of surface. This is a square, the sides of which are of the length of ten metres. The are is equal to 1076.441 square feet. Vide Measure.

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We dare not continue our love affair with word play--a game at which we are already too accustomed.
Best believes that the loss reserve position of the surplus lines composite remains strong, future underwriting results are not expected to benefit significantly from the release of prior year loss reserves.
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While they are only tools and not the sole risk management mechanisms available to companies, catastrophe models, in A.
Earnings generating capability and stability are supported by an adequate core reserve position, robust cash flows, which cause an ever increasing investment baseCoand in A.
We are in the midst of establishing a top-of-class team that will be very active in the market here and on the Continent.
Preparations are well underway for the much anticipated 20th Annual Pro Am Regatta, being held at Bitter End Yacht Club in the British Virgin Islands, October 28 - November 4, 2006.
Best anticipates that higher non-life gross premiums written, stable expenses and improved overall non-life claims experience in 2006 are likely to generate a combined ratio of approximately 98% for the full year 2006.
Offsetting factors are the group's limited financial flexibility and high dependence upon retrocession in property/casualty.