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La seconde se concentre sur les arenes de competition et de negociation entre acteurs locaux et globaux dans les processus de patrimonialisation d'un point de vue sociopolitique et geopolitique.
6] undergoes photolysis to generate an iron-based Lewis acid upon the loss of the arene ligand N-alkyl carbazole.
Similar painted motifs are found in Italy as portable art, as in the Epigravettian levels of Arene Candide itself.
4-Vinylphenol excretion suggestive of arene oxide formation in workers occupationally exposed to styrene.
This entity predicts that this first issue will be around $70 million, said its president, Alberto Arene, adding "With the resources obtained by this operation, CEPA will finance 30 projects for renovation, optimization and upgrading of the facilities at the International Airport El Salvador (AIES), valued at the same amount.
D'ailleurs, l'expert strategique, Gamal Assad a assure que l'Egypte est devenue une arene politique ouverte a tous les courants politiques et egalement au financement etranger.
The probable mechanism of formation of this metabolite is direct oxygen insertion into CB-109 or an NIH shift of Cl through an arene oxide intermediate of CB118 or CB105.
Le mobilier est organise comme dans une arene : en cercle.
Il Principe" (the Prince) is the nickname given to a spectacular Mid Upper Palaeolithic (Gravettian) burial discovered at Arene Candide, Italy in 1942.
The focus then shifts to a systematic presentation of the various substrate classes, namely carboxylic esters, amides and peptides, lactams and lactones, esters of inorganic acids, alkene and arene epoxides, and some miscellaneous hydrolyzable moieties.
Pour la troisieme soiree, Hamid Belbeche est entre sous un tonnerre d'applaudissements et les acclamations du public, qui a ainsi retrouve son identite locale, se rejouissant de vivre ce patrimoine dans cette immense arene.