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We will continue to require our contractors to follow local laws - including payment and employment laws - as well as require those contractors to have the same obligation in their subcontracts," the US Army Corps of Engineers vows.
An industry that was once essenual for bringing all the produce of the Plains to market has dwindled to a $9 million annual business, according to calculations by a long-time ally of the barge industry--the Army Corps of Engineers.
The Court's decision also recognized limits on the Army Corps' discretion to operate federal water projects - the Army Corps must seek Congressional authorization before it can operate a federal project contrary to the Congressionally-authorized project purposes, if those operations would constitute major operational change or seriously affect authorized purposes.
Army Corps of Engineers North Atlantic Division, which Savre heads, is the largest beach-building program the Army Corps has ever undertaken.
Army Corps of Engineers, who maintain American canals and port facilities on the Great Lakes, many locks, channels and system infrastructure are more than 70 years old and need modernization.
The Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corps of Engineers are in the middle of considering whether to further scale back the federal regulation of wetlands on account of the Supreme Court's decision in the SWANCC case.
The Army Corps of Engineers decided that Kennewick Man s age showed beyond any doubt that he was an Indian.
Gallegly's office enlisted the Army Corps of Engineers to do a reconnaissance study of the perchlorate problem because the federal agency has analyzed perchlorate movement in groundwater at the Whittaker-Bermite explosives factory in Santa Clarita.
In the 1950s, Congress and the Army Corps of Engineers believed it was important to protect the barrier islands and so started looking at the ongoing beach damage and erosion.
Army Corps of Engineers had designated 260 square feet of his property--the size of a large room--as wetlands.
Army Corps of Engineers to provide architectural design and engineering services at Army Reserve facilities across the country.
the publisher of SQUARE ENIX[R] interactive entertainment products in the Americas, today announced Army Corps of Hell[TM] is now available at retailers and via digital download from the PlayStation[R]Store.

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