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ARRAS, Span. law. The property contributed by the husband, ad sustinenda onera matrimonii, is called arras. The husband is under no obligation to give arras, but it is a donation purely voluntary. He is not permitted to give in arras more than a tenth of his property. The arras is the exclusive property of the wife, subject to the husband's usufruct during his life. Burge on the Confl. of Laws, 417.
     2. By arras is also understood the donation which the husband makes to his wife, by reason or on account of marriage, and in consideration of the dote, or portion, which be receives from her. Aso & Man. Inst. h.t. 7, c. 3.

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I knew that Zat Arras dared not trust the people near to us, for he feared that their love for Carthoris and myself might break into a demonstration which would wipe out their superstitious horror of the crime we were to be charged with.
Late in the afternoon a messenger arrived from Zat Arras to inform us that we would be tried by an impartial body of nobles in the great hall of the temple at the 1st zode* on the following day, or about 8:40 A.
Address : La Citadelle 146 Alle Du Bastion De La Reine Cs 10345 62026 Arras Cedex
Peter Arras, site manager and keeper of the tahr at MNC, said a male tahr born on September 14 gave him the biggest scare of his life.
As Eiko propelled her lanky body, arras lucked beneath her, through the moist graveyard dirt, the thought, "How tar we are from ballet and its courtly origins; how firmly bonded with Earth-and earth-we are," came to mind Eiko ended up absolutely filthy, a hero in these eyes.
STARFISH (on back, arras above the head): usually good listeners, easygoing, and make friends easily.
The civic symbolism of the town of Arras has long been dominated by the image of the rat.
Bodel probably held public office in Arras and certainly belonged to one of its puys, or literary confraternities.
Contract notice: Artistic and cultural programming of the city of Arras