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ARRAS, Span. law. The property contributed by the husband, ad sustinenda onera matrimonii, is called arras. The husband is under no obligation to give arras, but it is a donation purely voluntary. He is not permitted to give in arras more than a tenth of his property. The arras is the exclusive property of the wife, subject to the husband's usufruct during his life. Burge on the Confl. of Laws, 417.
     2. By arras is also understood the donation which the husband makes to his wife, by reason or on account of marriage, and in consideration of the dote, or portion, which be receives from her. Aso & Man. Inst. h.t. 7, c. 3.

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Purchase, NY, has reached an agreement with Ingredia Nutritionals, Arras, France, to distribute its Chromax chromium picolinate and Diachrome ingredients throughout the EU and selected markets in the Middle East, Africa and Asia.
His citation reads: "For most conspicuous bravery and devotion to duty near Arras, France, on 19th April 1917, when his battalion in attack was held up about 350 yards in advance of our lines by intense fire from front and flank, and suffered heavy casualties.
Akebono also has a customer liaison office in Bad Nauheim, Germany and a disc pad manufacturing facility located in Arras, France, employing approximately 140 people.
We're giving you and every reader his brand new CD album release INSIDE your Daily Record this Saturday and to celebrate, we're jetting o two lucky winners and a friend to see Prince perform in concert in Arras, France, this Friday.
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