Arrest for obstructing justice and resisting arrest

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Country: United States of America
State: Wisconsin

Well It just so happened that over the Halloween weekend while in Madison Wisconsin, I got arrested. I had one of the original charges dropped to a city ordinance violation instead of a criminal offense. I played 223 dollars for that and entered into a guilty plea. I still have 2 other charges. Obstructing justice an officer, and resisting arrest. I had thrown an empty water bottle at a line of police officers in riot gear, due to being heavily intoxicated. The line of officers eventually rushed all the people standing around. I took 2 steps to get out of the way, and was tackled and arrested. I'm wondering if its even worth my time to bring a lawyer to court with me, or should I just pay the fines and be done with it?


If the charges will not be on your record it is best to pay and be done; check with the DA what is really pending. If crimp charges exist do get counsel and make sure the record is sealed cleared eventually