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ARRESTER, law of Scotland. One who sues out and obtains an arrestment of his debtor's goods or movable obligations. Ersk. Pr. L. Soot. 3, 6, 1.

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REMtech Corporation, a driving force in the fields of advanced magnetics, reed relays, surge arresters, automotive coils and other electronic components, today announced that, effective Jan.
In this stage of the qualification system, the notion VN shielded adapters and surge arrester shielded mean VN cable sets used for terminating HV cables with plastic insulation in SF6 gas insulated medium voltage switchgear and screened surge arrester is used in some cases in a joint installation with shielded adapters in these switchboards to protect against possible surges.
are caused by failed lightning arresters and failing fused-cutouts, a type of power line disconnect device.
The UK factory's overhead gantry, which houses product weighers and arresters, was too cumbersome to be moved, so Rutland designed a new gantry, which incorporates their cross-feed, conveyor system with its 'raking' feature, to ensure a constant level of product moving to the Multipond weighers.
An assessment of demand by channel of distribution is also included as well as a survey of major electronic component distributors and their respective gas discharge tube arrester partners.
Tenders are invited for Set Of Gas Cutting Torch Including A Cuttogen5/90/450 With Nozzle B 15M Oxygen And Acetylene Hose C Torch Flash Back Arrester Oxygen And Acetylene D Cylinder Flash Back Arrester Oxygen And Acetylene E Regulator Oxygen And Acetylene F Hose Clips G Set Of Nozzles 5 Sizes Each 5 Nos
What makes this problem significant is that when an arrester fails, the equipment it was supposed to protect is damaged.
Equip chimneys and stovepipes with a spark arrester that meets the requirements of National Fire Protection Association Code 211.
Chimneys: Clean chimneys regularly, and include an approved spark arrester.
The flame arrester screen can become detached from its mounting ring, preventing the throttle valve from returning to the idle position when the throttle lever is released and causing the rider to lose control of the ATV.
Tenders are invited for Class B Type Lightening Arrester For 100Ka 10/350 Microsecond For Single Phase Supply Along With Class C Type Surge Arrester For 40Ka 8/20 Microsecond For Single Phase Supply