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The temperature dependence is defined by Arrhenius equation (5), were k is the rate constant:
If no other variables change, the drying rate is proportional to the diffusion coefficient so that S also varies with temperature in accordance with the Arrhenius equation.
An approach to describe the temperature dependence of viscosity is the Arrhenius equation as summarized by Menges et al.
The effect of temperature on viscosity was shown by Arrhenius equation.
By the Arrhenius equation derived plot of cure time curves in figure 12, we can follow the logic that the purple arrow depicts a 26 second faster cure time in Gen4 compared to Gen3 (higher durometers) at 132[degrees]C.
The parabolic rate constants obey the Arrhenius equation
Diffusion coefficients were determined from the weight change data and an activation energy was obtained via Arrhenius equation.
A simplified Arrhenius equation and a resulting reliability plot against operating temperature are displayed in FIGURE 2.
5) Arrhenius equation and the function f([alpha]) as given by Eq.
s], which would normally be a requirement for the applicability of the Arrhenius equation when it is based on a rate rather than on a rate constant.
The hydrolysis rate constants calculated for PLA shown in Table I can be fit with the Arrhenius equation to obtain the activation energy for the hydrolysis of PLA.