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The basic principle revolves around strict adherence to aseptic technique at all times (insertion, maintenance, use).
Bio-Med QC introduced modifications to the USP suggested procedures for testing personal aseptic technique which reduced the probability for false negative results by as much as 95%.
We also advocate the use of full aseptic technique and efforts to minimise environmental contamination of ampoules prior to use, as these are simple measures which are likely to reduce bacterial contamination of solution aspirated from non-sterile packaged ampoules (14,15).
Maki (8) suggested several ways to control biofilms on central venous catheters, including using aseptic technique during implantation, using topical antibiotics, minimizing the duration of catheterization, using an in-line filter for intravenous fluids, creating a mechanical barrier to prevent influx of organisms by attaching the catheter to a surgically implanted cuff, coating the inner lumen of the catheter with an antimicrobial agent, and removing the contaminated device.
Strict adherence to basic principles of aseptic technique is necessary to avoid transmission of hepatitis C (HCV), hepatitis B (HBV), and HIV when preparing and administering parenteral medications.
Following the induction of anaesthesia with sevoflurane and placement of a laryngeal mask airway, the interscalene brachial plexus was imaged in the short axis at the cricoid level using a 5-10 MHz linear probe (Sonosite L38) using an aseptic technique (Figure 1A).
The advisory calls for adherence to good, aseptic technique on the part of those administering the medication.
The top paper frame provides handling tabs that aid clinicians in applying the dressing with a no-touch aseptic technique.
Use aseptic technique to avoid contamination of sterile injection equipment and medications.
3% despite an intensive education campaign undertaken by the manufacturer that focused on drug handling and compliance with aseptic technique.
She is a registered pharmacy technician with certifications in compounding, chemotherapy, sterile products, and aseptic technique.
It is double-wrapped in a blister package and foil pouch for aseptic technique.