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The second show cause PEMRA is issued to ARY News for casting aspersions against the Armed Forces of Pakistan in its programme "The Reporters" dated May 16, 2017 by a person Arif Hameed Bhatti.
Earlier Wednesday, Michael's former chef, Kai Chase said that she was shocked by Paris' deposition casting aspersions on the nanny, as Paris was very close to Rwaramba when she was younger.
He said: "To cast aspersions on same-sex couples' ability to provide safety and security is profoundly irresponsible.
Team principal Martin Whitmarsh said: "We don't need to do it and we're not doing it to avoid any aspersions being cast by other teams.
Cllr Charlton would do better to promote proper consultation and dialogue on how to make social care work for the people of North Wales rather than casting aspersions.
With inter-Korean dialogue and exchanges put on hold and mutual aspersions on the rise, we have reached a phase where both Koreas resort to military power," Bishop Luke Kim Woon-hoe of the Catholic Bishops' Conference said in a statement, according to the International Business Times.
No responsible media anywhere in the world undermines the repute, respect sovereignty or integrity of its nation, institutions or its forces or pass aspersions against them.
I am not that sort of person" Downton Abbey writer (Lord) Julian Fellowes, denying that he casts aspersions on people's manners "Free your mind and your bottom will follow" The Duchess of York indulges in some homespun philosophy
I don't want to cast aspersions on anybody involved in it, it was a stupid act.
Just a few days since Russia was awarded the 2018 World Cup and already the English are casting aspersions as to how they were "lied to", having been given assurances they would get votes, which then didn't materialise.
He said her aspersions on corruption in the OC were "most disappointing and uncalled for" and that she must indulge in self-reflection on corruption in her own departments.
ISLAMABAD, July 9 -- The federal ministry of sports on Thursday clarified news reports - 'PCB to sponsor federal sports minister's tour to England' - saying the reports were completely baseless casting unnecessary aspersions on the minister's private visit to UK and USA for treatment of his son.