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W/W Alexi Giannoulias, IL, state Treasurer W Cary Kennedy, CO, state Treasurer W Jim Houlihan (in), IL, Cook County Assesor W Communities for Quality Education - EMILY's List - Fair Wisconsin - Madison County Democrats - Minnesota Pipe Trade Association - Natural Resources Defense Council - Illinois Democratic Senate Caucus for: I-E Michael Bond, IL, state Sen.
67) Itziar Aspura (director, Gesto por la Paz), in discussion with authors (21 July 2005); Jaime Arrese, Assesor, Attention to Victims of Terrorism Unit, Basque Government, in several discussions with authors, (Summer 2005); Txema Urkijo.
Cask Marque assesor Peter Tulloch tastes the ale at the Bull and butcher pub in Corley Moor.