assets and liabilities

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Similarly, an S corporation can use either a QSub or SMLLC to segregate business assets and liabilities and still receive single-entity treatment.
Some have questioned the appropriate accounting for the difference between the GAAP basis (allocated reorganization value) and the corresponding tax basis of assets and liabilities of an entity that has emerged from chapter 11 and records a fresh start.
8) The problem with the replacement value approach to insolvency valuation is that it values the individual assets and liabilities of a business, rather than the whole business as an ongoing enterprise.
Once deferred tax assets and liabilities for the future tax consequences of temporary differences and carryforwards have been measured, the deferred tax provision or benefit is based on the net change in a deferred tax balance during the year.
Transactionally, the partnership contributes all of its assets and liabilities to the LLC in exchange for member interests in the LLC; the partnership then terminates, distributing the interests in the LLC to its partners in liquidation.
According to the IRS, a merger of assets and liabilities of a qualified money purchase pension plan with the assets and liabilities of a qualified profit-sharing plan does not divest the assets and liabilities of the money purchase plan of their attributes as pension assets and liabilities.
The marginal tax rate used for recognition of deferred tax assets and liabilities is the enacted tax rate expected to apply to the last dollars of taxable income in future years in which an item is expected to be paid or realized.
This determination is based on the assets and liabilities held immediately before the discharge.
This month's column discusses consensuses reached by the FASB Emerging Issues Task Force EITF or task force) concerning accounting for changes to fixed employee stock option plans resulting from an eqity restructuring, and concerning allocating basis to individual assets and liabilities acquired in certain leveraged buyout transactions.
The Fund received all assets and liabilities of the FSLIC, other than liabilities under certain 1989 guarantees of Federal Reserve Bank and Federal Home Loan Bank loans.
The task force concluded that under each view a new reporting entity is created, and assets and liabilities should be reported at their fair values at the date the plan is confirmed by the court, or the effective date if there is a material unsatisfied condition on which the plan is dependent.