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JOSEPH VARGHESE DOHA QATAR Assistive Technology Center (Mada) and Al Noor Training Centre for Children with Special Needs in Dubai recently signed an agreement to increase access to technology of people with disabilities.
Saltillo develops, manufactures, and distributes assistive technology, including voice output communication devices, voice amplification, and memory assistance products.
Low and middle technology usually have increased availability, ease of use, increased portability, and require less training than the high-end assistive technology devices.
Many rehabilitation and assistive technology professionals' involved in telerehabilitation are becoming increasingly creative with available technology.
They are examined in the present study to determine if they are related to continuance/discontinuance of assistive technology devices by individuals with disabilities.
At Dubai's Al Noor Training Centre, Zahra is one of more than 270 students communicating with her peers and elders using assistive technology.
Kirklees Council has a wide range of assistive technology devices, including intruders' alarms, epilepsy sensors, intelligent care monitors, carephones and more.
The agreement was signed during the Gulf Assistive Technology Research Forum held in Doha recently.
Assistive technology is used by individuals with disabilities in order to perform functions that might otherwise be difficult or impossible.
Structured abstract; Introduction: For practicing teachers of students with visual impairments, assistive technology has assumed an important role in the education of their students' assessment and learning of content.
Assistive Technology for Students Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired
All across the country major organizations are working to bring the best and most current assistive technology products, information, and support to those who need it most.

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