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A person protected by insurance coverage against loss or damage stipulated by the provisions of a policy purchased from an insurance company or an underwriter.

Assured is synonymous with insured.


n. the person or entity that is insured, often found in insurance contracts. (See: insurance)

See: agreed, alleged, axiomatic, categorical, certain, conclusive, convincing, credible, decisive, definite, demonstrable, dependable, determinative, dogmatic, fixed, incontrovertible, indubious, inevitable, infallible, official, positive, reliable, sanguine, secure, solid, sound, undisputed

ASSURED. A person who has been insured by some insurance company, or underwriter, against losses or perils mentioned in the policy of insurance. Vide Insured.

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The AMD Assured Program platform adds further validation of AMD's commitment to system builders.
AMD Assured motherboards comply with Microsoft's System and Device Requirements 2.
Operating Income: Management believes that operating income is a useful measure because it clarifies the understanding of the underwriting results of Assured Guaranty's financial guaranty insurance business, and also includes financing costs and net investment income, and enables investors and analysts to evaluate Assured Guaranty's financial results as compared with the consensus analyst estimates distributed publicly by financial databases.
1) Elimination of the after-tax realized gains (losses) on Assured Guaranty's investments, except for gains and losses on securities classified as trading.
For more information on Fitch's withdrawal of Assured Guaranty's ratings, please refer to the Feb.
Any forward-looking statements made in this press release reflect Assured Guaranty's current views with respect to future events and financial performance and are made pursuant to the safe harbor provisions of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995.
Assured Guaranty acquired FSA on July 1, 2009, expanding its presence in the bond insurance industry by offering issuers and investors the financial strength and flexibility of two separately capitalized bond insurers.
Dominic Frederico, President and Chief Executive Officer of Assured Guaranty said, "Since completing the acquisition, we have been contemplating this name change to highlight the role of the municipal-only bond insurance company and to better communicate that we are offering municipal bond issuers and investors a choice between two proven, financially strong guarantors.
In order to improve the public price and trading transparency of these Securities, Assured has decided to re-list the Securities on the NYSE," stated Dominic Frederico, President and Chief Executive Officer of Assured.
Assured expects that the re-listing of the Securities will be effective by the end of the year.
Assured was also active in the Build America Bonds program where they guaranteed $103 million in sales tax bonds, of which $85 million were Build America Bonds for Utah County, Utah and $63 million in revenue bonds for Troy University in Alabama, of which a majority were Build America Bonds.
Assured also agreed to sell 3,000,000 equity units, with an initial stated amount of $50 per unit, or $150 million in the aggregate.