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About 32,000 asylum seekers have come to the Nordic country this year, compared to just 3,600 last year, as refugees and migrants pour into Europe fleeing war and poverty.
Germany has taken in more asylum seekers than any other EU country.
They are then taken to Liverpool, which is just one of the cities where the Home Office provides accommodation for asylum seekers.
The trend is that the number of asylum seekers continues to increase.
While there were 1,923 asylum seekers housed in Wales last year, this figure has risen to 2,308 at the last quarterly review.
In Middlesbrough 742 asylum seekers were placed in Middlesbrough at the end of last year - down 5.
The asylum seekers are willing to donate their organs because they believe a part of them will gain freedom.
Normally three or four asylum seekers have been living in one room.
More asylum seekers are housed in the Welsh capital than in the whole of London.
TEHRAN (FNA)- One asylum seeker was killed and at least 77 others were injured during the second riot in a week at a detention center in Papua New Guinea, Australia's Immigration Minister said.
Anna Lo, who represents South Belfast, said: "This crisis fund will go a long way to help asylum seekers, migrants and refugees in Northern Ireland.
A BID to support destitute asylum seekers received the backing of councillors.