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Figures relate to the number of asylum-seekers living in dispersed accommodation between June 2014 and June 2015.
Although Indonesia has tried to enforce more border protection measures over the last years, there are still many loopholes that allow asylum-seekers to come in undetected.
UNHCR's assessment shows that asylum-seekers in Bulgaria routinely lack access to basic services, such as food and healthcare; face lengthy delays in registration which subsequently deprive them of their basic rights; and are at risk of arbitrary detention.
Mr Hancock lumps together economic migrants and asylum-seekers whereas they are distinct groups.
NASS has accommodation all over the country, and when granted NASS support, asylum-seekers will be dispersed to available accommodation wherever it is.
Some asylum-seekers transferred under the Dublin rules are being denied access to asylum in the state to which they are sent, it claims.
The poll - the most in-depth newspaper survey into people's attitudes to asylum-seekers - reveals that:
MB: It is a fallacy that the majority of asylum-seekers are economic migrants, that they have no fear of persecution--that is simply not true.
The project has extensive asylum-seeker housing experience, currently accommodating over 100 asylum seekers with no income, in thirty-eight properties throughout Melbourne.
The Government's policy on dispersing asylum-seekers was driven by its desire to appease 'a fearful white electorate', a new book claimed yesterday.
The figures were revealed as more than 60 failed asylum-seekers were deported to Kosovo yesterday.
THE Conservatives' Welsh leader yesterday claimed Britain was being ``swamped'' by asylum-seekers.