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Discussing the Saudi market, the official said Bahrain Atomisers has supplied to a new chemical plant in Jubail but not on a regular basis as it is still in the commissioning stage.
The robot has the longest reach in its class with excellent path accuracy and is combined with the ABB RB1000 electrostatic bell atomiser to achieve an even distribution of paint over the surface of the car, achieving consistent high finish quality and minimising the amount of paint required.
Terry Emmony, organiser of the UK Chapter said: "We have some 70 members in the UK whose interests encompass collecting antique perfume bottles, atomisers, factice, minis, solids, scent cards, commercials and perfume ephemera.
To complete the attack of the senses, we are also using unique atomisers to create a range of aromas, which will take the purchaser through a typical day at the apartment.
29 at Boots; Acqua D'Alfresco Anti Bug Bite Atomisers, pounds 15, for three mini sprays (0800 587 2290); Get Fresh On The Road Kit, pounds 2.
It may look like a syringe, but it's really a newly-patented design for filling perfume atomisers, bottles and pens without any expensive spillages.
Gulf Alumium Rolling Mill (GARMCO), as well as Bahrain Aluminium Extrusion Company (BALEXCO), Midal Cables and Bahrain Atomisers International all use outputs from the ALBA plant to manufacture and then export finished and semi-finished products.
The Alba smelter has successfully developed downstream companies such as Midal, Garmco, Balexco, Bahrain Atomisers and Bahrain Welding Wires (Midal Group) and Bamco.