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ABB and other equipment suppliers are working closely with both groups to develop atomizers that will perform at this level while still maintaining or even improving the quality of the finishes produced.
A range of sizes of atomizers for stack gas cleaning were designed and field tested.
Wolfe Tory Medical has upgraded its MADomizer[R] bottle atomizer to meet all the needs for an office atomizer.
The trend is toward larger 26650 vapor mods, but there are no larger atomizers to fit these larger vapor mods.
In addition to e-liquids, Generation V offers a large selection of personal vaporizers, mods, rebuildable atomizers, and accessories for both the novice and experienced user.
Wolfe Tory Medical also manufactures and markets a line of disposable, single-use atomizers.
Disposable: Reduces the potential for cross-contamination and eliminates problems associated with permanent atomizers, such as clean-up, sterilization of reusable components, and purchase of replacement parts.
The SpectrAA-Duo achieves these productivity gains by operating two permanently mounted atomizers -- one for flame/hydride and one for graphite furnace -- under the control of a single central computer.
Products include fuel atomizers, aerodynamic flame stabilizers and overfire air systems, as well as modeling and support services for non-catalytic and catalytic NOx reduction systems for boilers and process heaters.
Vape Life has one of the most complete inventories of all things related to "vaping," or the use of electronic cigarettes, including cartomizers, drip tips, rebuildable atomizers, e cigarette batteries, tanks, and the wide assortment of E Liquid flavors in addition to full e cigarette starter kits and replacement parts.