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AUDIENCE. A hearing. It is usual for the executive of a country to whom a minister has been sent, to give such minister an audience. And after a minister has been recalled, au audience of leave usually takes place.

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THE LITTLE DETECTIVE AGENCY, Northern Stage Newcastle, until January 5 A new festive treat full of excitement, enchanting songs and a sprinkling of audience participation for the family.
Each performance begins and ends with audience participation (including the unfurling of thousands of feet of crepe paper).
That kind of live broadcast relying on audience participation is a risky proposition, Mr.
We don't want to push information on to our members; [instead,] we want to focus on audience participation.
This massive, complex affair presented revolutionary works and placed a premium on audience participation, whether as red-flag-wavers, marchers, or singers.
Audience participation focused on a real problem--a lack of communication, and how to prevent problems by being clear on what your requirements are, and what you can and cannot do.
CINDERELLA, Consett Empire, until December 31 Join Leah Bell and cast for a spectacular rendition of the magical Cinderella, a fast-moving production full of fun, energy and audience participation.
SAN FRANCISCO, April 12, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Ad:Tech -- Loyalize, an audience participation company, today launched its real-time participation and rewards platform to give brands and content providers a smart, fun way to drive audience, engagement and loyalty.
Organisers say there will be the chance for audience participation during the event at Solihull Arts Complex on Thursday, June 19.
Audience participation, a regular Batsheva feature, included "Rachel" (Rachael Osborne) intoning Simon Sez commands, which a surprising percentage of the audience heeded, culminating in dancing in the aisles.
And he took audience participation to a new extreme with a moment of pure punk pan to - an audience participation session where three people were chosen from the masses to take over from the band on stage.
Fresh out of Rutgers, where he studied with Allan Kaprow alongside George Segal, Lucas Samaras, George Brecht, and Robert Watts, Whitman found his way to the forefronts of vanguard art with "theater works," his preferred term for scripted and unscripted events staged with performers, audience participation, light and image projections, film footage, found objects, constructed props, and, occasionally, elaborate sets.