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Three examples of implementations of the audit trail system into medical courseware are described.
Audit trails tell network managers who is doing business on the network and what users are doing.
There are 3 basic criteria in 21 CFR Part 11 of what an audit trail needs to do.
Also, since they generally lack the inherent controls and audit trails typically found in commercial information systems, there is no way to ensure the integrity, of their data.
According to Horton, the extensive Audit Trail has been designed to ensure retailers the EnviroMate/RCB bags will withstand the scrutiny of any content test.
API supports sharing of audit trail information with other applications to enable Lotus Notes development organizations to confirm compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) requirements.
The Agency intends to exercise enforcement discretion regarding specific Part 11 requirements related to computer-generated, time-stamped audit trails .
1: "With its new MultiDeveloper capability, multiple developers in different locations can create and maintain a rich Internet application and web interface, with a complete audit trail that includes the time spent on every change and the identify of the developer who implemented it.
Open Text recognizes the needs of our customers to protect themselves against partial data loss resulting from administrative errors and the requirement to recover authentic content and audit trails at the incident level," said Pat Kerrigan, Senior Vice President, Global Channel Fulfillment, Open Text Corporation.
Clarence Karney, CEO, states, "by using the PDSC Food Safe Process proactive approach to sanitation and disinfection for the removal of Food Borne illness Pathogens the prepackaged fresh produce industry will be able to provide complete audit trails for the processed product line.
Some additional benefits of the FaxCore SharePoint Connector include better security and access control, and the ability to keep an audit trail on received faxes.