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Reactions have continued to trail the austerity regime.
It was rescued from the brink of bankruptcy in March by an EU bailout which saw its banking sector almost decimated while imposing an austerity regime and drastic curbs on public spending.
In Spain, where economic growth is occurring only in the export sector, there is little suggestion the economy has been genuinely fixed by this protracted austerity regime.
Treasury minister Sajid Javid, tipped as a future Tory leader, is at the forefront of the austerity regime as one of the Chancellor's key ministers.
For many in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy, Merkel has come to symbolise an austerity regime that slashed health and education spending and sent jobless rates spiralling to 27.
While there remains certain disparities between the member states, with the likes of Greece still suffering under a tough austerity regime, some of the biggest economies in the currency area have seen data uptick in recent months.