AUTER. Another. This word is frequently used in composition, us auter droit, auter vie, auter action, &c.

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AP) -- When Cortney Auter graduated from college and landed a job in her field of choice, she thought her "adult" life was starting off pretty good.
Auter, however, is not alone; and she's now a success story.
Auter moved out ill September and is now living with a roommate in an apartment in Urbana.
Auter, 26, a graduate of Eastern Illinois University, started out at Danville Area Community College.
Auter said she attended DACC to save money and was fortunate enough to receive a federal Pell grant, which doesn't have to be repaid.
Auter admits she could have been more careful with the student loans, but "I really had no guidance on what I was doing.
Once she graduated in May 2008 with a degree in family and consumer sciences, Auter, then age 23, had to move home because of her student loan debt.
An diesem Termin waren auter der Vorsitzenden des Publications Committees nur die Redakteurin Maureen Buja und Thomas Kalk (D) als Mitglied des Editorial Boards anwesend.
25, 1917, in Denver, to Earl and Mabel Auter Dunham.
Icele tens en tiel reverence estoit icele mouster Que si arcev[e]sque ou evesque, priour ou abbe, Rei ou counte ou baroun ou noble chevalier, 310 Ou clerc ou lay ou dame i venist pur urer, Quant sereit a la porte, se fereit descaucer E d'iloc desques auter irreyt nupez, Soun offrende i mettreyt de bone volunte Kar entre le freres aveit si grant charite 315 E si grant religioun e tel auctorite Que si ascun de eus trespasast par nul cuntre, Riches e poveres lour chief unt encline Sicum il fust l'angel Dampnedeu E sa benisoun li ount demaunde 320 Dount plus fust riche icele liu par tele dignete, De viles e de teres, de boys e de pre, Que nul en Engletere, bien le sachez.
Thy temple wol I worshipe evermo, And on thyn auter, where I ride or go, I wol doon sacrifice and fires beete (The Knight's Tale: 2250-2253).