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The auto-dialer will continue to ring the predefined numbers until answered and cancelled by a code input by the authorized person answering.
Billing period will be one month and invoicing will always be conditional on the inclusion of statements of work certified by an authorized person of the Contracting Authority.
The G-Server's proven anti-hacking track record is based on a concept that Gilian pioneered, called ExitControl, which uses digital signatures to ensure that only an authorized person can make changes to any content.
of Earith, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom, designed the Codeguard Scrambler Keypad to prevent onlookers from viewing a security code as an authorized person inputs it.
50 (unclaimed bodies) that says, "In the event more than one legally authorized person claims a body for interment, the requests shall be prioritized in accordance with [Florida Statutes] [section] 732.
An Authorized Person can apply a lock and/or tag to valves, etc.
The first obstacle is that in many states, only an authorized person can order a laboratory test (ie, a physician).
All should be operating from the same database, and any authorized person should be able to enter and access all needed data at any point in the system.
Communicate only by closed letter, addressed to a specific authorized person by name, rather than "to whom it may concern.
A statement issued by CMA said that in cases where investors are approached by a party that claims to be a person authorized by the CMA, or an individual who claims that he/she represents an Authorized Person, investors can verify the identity of such party or individual with the CMA.
The Committee further observed that the TV channel management was also asked to depute any representative or authorized person to appear before the committee and explain the justification of airing the news.
1105) must include the patient's name or unique identifier; the name and address or identifier of the physician or other authorized person requesting the test; and, if appropriate, the individual responsible for utilizing the test result.

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