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They define authorized persons as individuals authorized under state law to order or receive test results.
Riyadh, Muharram 3, 1433, Nov 28, 2011, SPA - The Capital Market Authority (CMA) has called upon investors in securities to limit their dealings to CMA Authorized Persons and to be cautious and not deal with persons who are not authorized by the CMA to conduct securities business -whether they are individuals or institutions.
For example, an authorized person might order a test profile with the code CHEM20 although the laboratory reduced the number of tests in the profile a year ago and renamed it CHEM18.
After an observer's interference, the authorized person corrected the situation.
Entry into the MedLocker cabinet is controlled and can only be accessed by an authorized person.
Persons authorized to be present at the opening of tenders: Yes additional information about authorized persons and the process of opening bids: An authorized person from each company.
An authorized person gains access with a badge or code, and the system sounds an alarm if an intruder follows.
Wilbur continued, "Once the documents are deposited into DECIPHER Contracts Management, any authorized person in an organization -- those in finance, legal, purchasing, contracts, sales, and executive management, for example -- has instant, online access to the critical terms, conditions, deadlines, and values of contracts and agreements.
Contract notice: selection of authorized person pursuant to act no.
An authorized person of one of the electoral headquarters of incumbent president, candidate for president Serzh
When an authorized person enters, a record of the user ID, date, and time is stored in both key and cylinder, creating separate records.
The message is activated as soon as the next authorized person enters the house or office.

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