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AUTOCRACY. The name of a government where the monarch is unlimited by law. Such is the power of the emperor of Russia, who, following the example of his predecessors, calls himself the autocrat of all the Russias.

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An autocracy is not prevalent, as they would like everyone to believe.
A], July 28 ( ANI ): Pakistani social media buffs, who are often known for storming out on Facebook and Twitter over critical issues, have become quiet on authorities' autocracy fearing arrest.
The combined Polity score can then be computed by subtracting the autocracy score from the democracy score, resulting in a Polity range of -10 (extremely autocratic) to + 10 (extremely democratic).
In contrast, in an autocracy power is concentrated in the ruling party or the elite, which has an incentive to maximize the total amount of corruption and to develop the economy (so that it can extract further bribes and prevent a potential overthrow).
His Vision 2030 constitutes a needed upgrading of autocracy.
Finally, assertions that the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) is planning on widening the breadth of its city wars in the Southeast on March 21 (Nevruz), as well as the apparent approach of the end of the civil war in Syria, should both be seen as actual developments likely to restrict and bind the rule of autocracy in Turkey.
Set during the era of North American colonization, New Worlds is a British historical drama miniseries about autocracy and rebellion.
In a display of cynicism, Western governments have exploited their support of autocracy to secure lucrative arms deals while failing to ensure levels of aid that would credibly address social and economic malaise in a country like Tunisia that is struggling with the transition from autocracy to democracy.
As I pass through the skyscrapers and images of a China that has advanced decades ahead of India, I wonder if autocracy has helped Beijing scale new heights.
Lee Kuan Yew (the founder of Singapore) was criticized for autocracy and absence of democracy in the country.
But aren't we, in fact, already in thrall of an autocracy of political dynasties and pocket empires?
Democracy does not automatically replace autocracy, and well-functioning institutions of law, education and governance can vanish overnight.