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Luis Munoz Rivera, now president of the Autonomist government administrative council said with dramatic flair, "We are Spaniards and wrapped in the Spanish flag we die.
They illustrate the point stressed in autonomist Marxist theory that, no matter how difficult or doomed the experiment, the desire to do without the boss is latent and capable of occasional realization.
Autonomists attempt to create alternative worlds and worldviews, in the here and now of everyday life (rather than in some far off utopian future).
However, anarchists and autonomist Marxists envision a decentered and deterritorialized, yet all encompassing, global network of rule and resistance to it.
However for breast screening and for other screening programmes that are being piloted or considered in the next few years - such as prostate cancer in men, colorectal cancer in both sexes and antenatal screening for various infectious diseases - the autonomists and the beneficists are making some progress as there is increasing public recognition that these screening processes are not risk-free.
As the classical autonomists are right to emphasize, areas of overlapping powers create political spaces in which the provinces are subordinate to the federal government.
It is important to note that a strand of autonomist Marxism, contra the more recent post-autonomist works of Negri and others, still accepts the Marxian theory of value, and the distinction between productive and unproductive labour, while seeing capital's imposition of work as affecting all unpaid and paid workers.
It was, the Autonomists argued, an appropriate response to a state that was perceived as governing increasingly through the suspension of both legal and economic regulations rather than their application.
There is no inexorable march toward independence in this account, as the role of autonomists on both sides of the Atlantic receives considerable attention.
Quebec's policy is an integral part of the provincial government's efforts to convince everyone that the "Quebecois nationalism," espoused by autonomists and sovereignists, accepts and accommodates cultural diversity.
The conviction and fervor of autonomists has not diminished in force, and we cannot deny that the nationalism they continue to extol is non-partisan.
Autonomists in Santa Cruz have been criticized for committing "sedition" by left-wing critics like Luis A.